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Design that is not only pretty

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

How do we design the perfect office?



the action or process of improving something until it is faultless.

"among the key tasks was the perfection of new mechanisms of economic management"


improvement, betterment, refinement, refining, perfecting, polishing, amelioration;

"the perfection of new mechanisms of economic management"

Synonymous with




a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

"I was struck by her beauty"

Literal meaning - the perception of beauty is subjective.


This saying first appeared in the 3rd century BC in Greek. It didn't appear in its current form in print until the 19th century, but in the meantime there were various written forms that expressed much the same thought. In 1588, the English dramatist John Lyly, in his Euphues and his England, wrote:

" neere is Fancie to Beautie, as the pricke to the Rose, as the stalke to the rynde, as the earth to the roote."

So to create perfect office when it comes to design we must start with the interpretation of beauty through ‘our own eyes’. And if this is the case, at what cost are we willing to obtain that beauty.

When it comes to business nothing is that simple, after all, we want to live in beautiful spaces yet simultaneously we also want to make functional spaces that make us money. We want to retain our staff, yet attract new staff. We want to make our audience to interpret us not only as we perceive ourselves, but also as leader and forerunners in what we do.

So how to attack these requirements without breaking our bank?

The priority list.

Make a list like your breaking up with your office. I tell all my clients this. The number one rule with anything in life when you are not sure. Make a list of your pros and cons, but more specifically, a list you want to throw into the universe – of all the things you liked in your office and all the things you will never repeat.

You will find the most important ones will land at the top of the list , and when you need to start negotiating at the cost section, you will consciously be more willing to let go of the ones lower down in priority.

Tips on how to make your list, and things to consider?

Break Up with your office!

A new office is a chance for a fresh start, but sometimes it can be hard to come to terms with the break-up. You’ve been with your old space for years and you’ve been through a lot together, so it’s understandably a difficult situation.

To get over the split, we recommend a few quick break-up exercises:

  1. Carefully consider your old office and its compatibility with your business.

  2. Write a pros and cons list of staying and going.

  3. Highlight what needs to be done, identifying the most urgent issues and the things you cannot be flexible with.

  4. The project timeline of the break-up, considering lease terms and other commitments.

  5. The cost of moving vs. the cost of renovating and staying in your existing space.

  6. What your ideal office space looks like.

Still finding it hard to move on? Write your old office a break-up letter. By pointing out its flaws while also appreciating everything it did for you, the move to a new office will be easier for everyone involved.

If you’re struggling with the break-up, our A1 Office team can offer you a shoulder here.

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