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Lift off !

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

We have well and truly moved into the New Year, with the prospect of new beginnings and a fresh approach towards life. Many of us have written their ‘wish lists’, some of us have already ticked a few boxes off.

For me, the accelerator hit so hard, I am still blurring on from the last year.

Last year lapsed quicker than the one before, and I find myself looking not at what I have yet to achieve, but at all the wins I have managed to make through A1. In particular those as a team; we have grown substantially. Since my arrival I am proud to say we welcomed a new ethos and attitude towards design in house, and I am so very excited to say that in doing so managed to help land a few marvellous boutique office fit outs. These gained A1 the long awaited acknowledgement it so deserved.

There is no doubt that A1 is synonymous as one of Melbourne's leading fitouts companies, yet moving from a fitout reputation of the typical drop in ceilings and partitions - to a company that housed a true design power in a matter of two years is nothing short of visionary.

So the vision of one managing director was sneered at at almost being impossible by his fellow industry competitors and I can honestly tell you I had a many a deep conversations with architectural colleagues- mentors amongst them - whom told me I was crazy to move into this arena. At times I thought I was, and when I took on A1 to help it make its dream a reality- it wasn't a light request.

My challenge took all past knowledge and the heavy reliance on the conversion of a deep set mind frame. I must admit it took a strong backing to get design to where it is, and I cannot short fall the dedication and technical skills behind my team, in particular a driven sales team who stuck their heels in to land us the projects we needed to showcase the talent.

Not to mention the projects team that was prepared to guide and to flex, along with a joinery team willing to try any detail to get the projects to the level of finish they needed to be at – nothing short of brilliance! Here we are now, the New Year, and the cherry on the cake has landed where we also welcomed a marketing guru.

With a few nudges my blog is finally under way.

Moving into this year I had no time for a wish list - but plenty of items for a ‘to do’ list.

As our clients you are indeed savvy when it comes to spending the "office" dollars.

So first and foremost on the list is not only to fulfil your dreams- after all everyone deserves good design, and a fitout they are proud of. Offices need to be educated functional yet not over the top expensive.

#1. Design that is not only pretty - it's functional and doesn't have to break the bank!

We look forward to more stunning projects and pushing every dollar this coming year to maximise your


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