• Dana Moussaoui

So, Why Offices?

It comes to my attention that after my 16 years or so as an Interior Architect, I am confronted with answering the question that so many of my colleagues and clients ask, yet rarely do I delve into the inner workings behind the reason… So I ask myself, “Dana, why offices?” to which my answer is usually the simple non-drawn out version “because I enjoy it”.

But that’s not a meaningful answer, to be quite frank, it lacks the constancy that my readers deserve.

For those I have worked with in the past, I am known for my personal and quite private consultation work. Even working in large firms on large projects, I chose to follow the mentor, and lead my own quietly, I am not the ‘lime light’ interior architect, actually, I found calm in enjoying the solitude and humility that was associated with the low profile. It meant I could pick and choose my work scale, one day I could be working on a multi-million dollar home, the next I could be doing a warehouse Café.

This allowed me to grow away from the public eye. Call it what you want but I was not the designer that chose to build a homage to myself… and here inherently lay the core of the reason that I chose offices.

After years of taking my own design journey, I consciously and thoughtfully made the decision to take this road.

Offices consume our lives, they are our lives, we spend the majority of our waking hours in them, and unlike homes they seem to be one of the most neglected assets in today’s society. It amazed me, and still amazes me, how one can spend their day in an office from 9-5 (conservatively speaking), yet loath the environment they sit in. Having designed both commercial and residential spaces, I have observed over the years that there seems to be a divide over the value placed in investing in office spaces versus a private home.

Here lay a drought in my mind, it was evident that the passion a client brought to the table on their residence was completely different than their work home. It is becoming apparent and studies show that our work life has a big impact on our home life, how can one be happy in their home, when their day was miserable at work.

This inner drive to make our occupied space one worth utilising needs to shift.

So back to the main question, I chose offices because I believe that everyone should live a happy life, yes it means my work will possibly become more public (less private boutique) but I believe every office deserves the same passion as any other style of project, and every office whether on a large or small budget should be able to give gratification… because how can we be happy in our private lives if we are not happy in our work life.

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