Multi-award finalist and Design Director Dana Moussaoui has been transforming the Australian corporate and residential interiors sustainable for over 20 years. 

Green Star Accredited Professional, Dana began her career working with some of Australia's leading Architects before following a journey that led her to become the Design Director, choosing to focus on sustainable commercial Architectural design.

A Sustainability Awards Finalist (2020), Dana has worked across many significant projects including the Bates Smarts Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne and the self Directed VISY headquarters.

Excelling in sustainable design and empowering workspace potential; Dana's work has placed in many national and global design awards including INDE Awards, Design Institute of Australia Awards, and the Shaw Contract Awards to name a few.

Dana specialises in Master Planning and Cultural Shadowing by developing a deep understanding of her clients' business and strategic goals.

The sustainability education Dana has provided to her team and clients include upcycling of workplace furniture as well as mindful energy-efficient design.


Dana's commitment to sustainability has led to her speaking at events and featured in international design journals, and numerous online media publications.